London Adventures

September/October 2005



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˛ Traveling to London ˛

On Thursday, September 29, we drove over Independence Pass to Denver to catch our flight to London.
The drive up the Pass was amazing.  The yellow Aspen leaves are florescent in their autumn colors.

On top of the pass it is already winter-- there is fresh snow from two days ago. As we drove down the

east side of the Pass we drove back into autumn.

We stopped at Twin Lakes to look back up the Pass...
In Denver we got on a big plane and flew to Chicago, where we had dinner in the airport
before getting on the overnight flight to London (we had an international dinner of hot dogs,
sushi, and Salad Nicois).  Our flight was almost two hours late departing because we waited had to wait
for 50 Danish tourists who were joining us from a delayed flight from Las Vegas. 

We didn't mind the wait because Mummy & Daddy had brought along the DVD of THE MUSIC MAN for us

to watch on Daddy's computer (Jeremy likes to sing along with: "Wadda ya talk, wadda ya talk, wadda ya talk,

where'd ya get it, wadda ya talk?" during the train song!).


We we at last got on the plane, Alex got comfy with his blanket, his Lamb, and an excellent new book
which Mummy selected for him...

Alex knows all about airplanes and airports! Jeremy read Daddy and Yankee Bear a new book about Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches...

Jeremy knows all about peanut butter & jelly sandwiches!

We not only got to sleep on the plane, we had breakfast on the plane!!

And then we were in London, where Granny & Grandpa were waiting to meet us.  HOORAY!

When we got to Granny & Grandpa's house in Edgware, Stella and

Auntie Harriet were there to meet us! There were many cuddles,

hugs, kisses, and silliness (and naughtiness).  Even though we are Very

Tired, we still had the energy to show Grandpa how to juggle tomatoes...

and to ride wild English horses... yes, those are the remnants of chocolate Smarties on Alex's face)


But best of all was when Grandpa read us books! It is great to be in London again!



˛ First Morning in London ˛

We were Very tired after our long plane ride to London yesterday, so we slept late into the morning.

Alex woke up first and got to have breakfast all on his own with Granny & Grandpa (and a pink balloon). 

He really enjoyed that!  When Mummy & Daddy finally woke Jeremy up, he was excited to discover he was still in London!

Mid-morning we set off for Primrose Hill to meet Stella, Auntie Harriet, and Uncle Boink! (as Jeremy sometimes calls Uncle Alberto). We know a thing or two about playgrounds, and there are excellent playgrounds in London!


We found some excellent twirling things (Alex loves to go ‘round and ‘round!).


Jeremy announced that he is no longer “Monkey Boy of Aspen”,

he is now “Monkey Boy of London”!


Our pal Nora also came along, with her mummy & daddy (Lisa & Adrian).

Then we all went off to have chicken & chips for lunch at Nandos.


In the afternoon we drove over to Auntie Hala’s house for tea.  But, as we remembered from past visits, “tea” actually means “lots of cakes and candies”!!!


On the way back home to Granny & Grandpa’s house we shouted out each time we saw a red double-decker bus or a

black London taxi.  And we read out numbers from license plates.

Back at home Grandpa read us favorite books during dinner!


(You might think we would not need dinner after tea with Auntie Hala, but you would be wrong.)


Then Uncle Stephen showed up! Jeremy, in particular, adores Uncle Stephen.

    Uncle Stephen brought Mummy a copy of his book which has just been published in paperback.  (We looked at it, but it didn't have any pictures of double-decker busses or London taxis, so we weren't interested.)  We played silly games with Uncle Stephen, then it was time for bath.

What a BUSY day!  And it was only our first day in London.  We cannot wait until tomorrow. But now we are all curled up

snug in our little cribs, Alex with his Yambs and Caterpillar, Jeremy with Yankee Bear and Neigh Cow Moo.


˛ Sunday, October 2 ˛

We were VERY tired this morning. It is hard work being on holiday halfway around the world!

But eventually we did wake up. And the first thing we did was to rush out of our room to have breakfast with Grandpa!


Then we headed off

to Parliament Hill

to play with Stella!

Jeremy & Stella like holding hands.

(The helmet is to protect Stella when she rides her bike; she doesn't usually wear it for walking.) We wore our special sweaters which Uncle Stephen gave us!

 We fed the ducks in the pond...

...although we did eat

some of the duck bread


Quack, quack, quack.

Then we met Granny & Grandpa in the big playground.


After our Very Busy Morning we all went to Stella's house for lunch!


Jeremy read a book to his fan club (Stella & Nora)...


a handsome prince and a beautiful princess stopped by to visit...


then Jeremy said:

"Let's have tea!"

Hooray for Tea!

Is it any wonder we're exhausted by the end of the day???

˛ Monday in the West End ˛

One morning we all bought family day-passes from London Transport...


then we climbed aboard a red double-decker bus! Alex shouted "Upstairs, upstairs" as he dragged Mummy & Daddy to the upper deck of the bus.

Last year when we rode the bus in London we were just little boys...

Now we're big boys! Alex looked up at Lord Nelson in the center of Trafalgar Square.


 (September 2004)

We got off the bus at Trafalgar Square


(We only agreed to get off when Mummy & Daddy promised us there would be more bus rides!)


Alex said he loves London.

Double-decker buses, black London taxis.

Too cool!

We stopped by to visit the Horse Guards on Whitehall.


Next we saw Big Ben (Jeremy shouted "Big Ben, Big Ben!", and Mr. Ben responded by saying BONG!)

Then we took a double-decker bus up to Covent Garden to visit Mummy's old office.

Mummy got us each a bus of our very own! HOORAY for our Mummy!


We met Mummy's pal Adam for lunch at a restaurant called Yo! Sushi.

We like the restaurant! The food travels by on a

conveyer belt, and you take whatever looks good.


What's even better is that, instead of a knife & fork, they give you two wooden sticks to eat with.


We ate Lots and Lots!

˛ Back home in London ˛

We had the Best Time in Paris, but we were still very happy to get back home to London.

We kept talking about the things we had seen in Paris, and Mummy drew us some Parisian pictures...


On Sunday morning Suke, Peter, Noah, and baby Eve came down from Oxford to play with us!

Alex was particularly happy to see his godmother!    

Back in Edgware, Grandpa gave Jeremy tennis lessons!

Jeremy may need one more year before he is ready for Wimbleldon.

But in the meantime, he is Very Good at playing chase!


Grandpa is good at many things, including blowing up balloons...


HOORAY for Grandpa!


˛ London friends ˛

One Sunday morning Adam & Una, and their boys Noah & Dylan, come out to Edgware to play with us.

We all went down to the park near Granny & Grandpa's house...


Jeremy found a Very Exciting ride.

He was not daunted by the fact that he was a bit small to go on the ride.


so Grandpa took him on a super high-speed ride-like-the-wind thrilling ride!



Grandpa also helped Alex ride Stella's bike...

  Lance Armstrong retired just in time, here comes Alex!

Jeremy is always ready with a Silly Dance...

  We don't want to go home!!  

˛ The Long Trip Home˛
We didn't want our time in London & Paris to end! But on Monday morning we had load our things into Grandpa's car and head off for Heathrow Airport to begin the long trip back home to Colorado.

We were very sad to have to say 'goodbye' to Granny, Grandpa, and Ralph the Cat.

Fortunately we don't have to say 'goodbye' to Smarties because Mummy brought along lots for the flight!


At Heathrow we played a Very Competitive game in the boarding lounge.


At the Gate the woman sitting at the big desk checking tickets heard a small voice singing "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" from The Sound of Music. She said: "That's my favorite song! Who is singing that song?" Then she saw it was Jeremy, who was holding a small concert from his stroller. She told him how much she liked his singing.


When we arrived in Denver it was almost eight o'clock in the evening, and it had been snowing hard for two days. The snow was over two feet deep at the airport, and I70 was closed eastbound from the airport to the Kansas border. As we drove to our favorite hotel through the snow, Jeremy asked: "Are you going skiing Alex?" Alex: "Yes I am." Jeremy: "You are! Me too!"

As we pulled up to the hotel, an exhausted Alex cried out: "Macaroni and cheese!" He remembered that the last time we stayed here, months ago, we had macaroni and cheese in the room which we had brought in from Boston Market. Mummy & Daddy took this as further proof that two year olds (or at least certain two year olds) remember every adventure that we have.


The next morning we headed west up the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.


Near Loveland Pass we saw a big family of longhorn sheep having a snack down by the highway...


Jeremy shouted "Be careful, be careful!" - which was very good advice because the sheep were right down on the shoulder of the highway.


Daddy had checked the road report with the Colorado Department of Transportation, who said that Independence Pass was clear. So we drove up through Leadville. Just outside of Leadville a big family of deer came down to the road to say "hello" to Alex & Jeremy...


Jeremy would have warned them to

"be careful", but he was fast asleep

in his car seat.

When we came over the Pass ten days ago it was Indian summer, but suddenly it is winter with snowy peaks poking

up through the misty clouds. It was an incredibly beautiful drive -- from snowy autumn at the base of the Pass to

mid-winter up top on the Continental Divide then back down to snowy autumn.

before... after...

What an amazing trip we had!

It's nice to be back home in Aspen. Tomorrow we're taking our postcards to school with us to show all our little buddies where we've been.






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