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² Scott's Birthday (part 2) ²

July 22, 2005


This afternoon at tea time we had a birthday party for Dada!

Mummy made one of her special cakes – with Maisy Mouse’s pal Cyril the Squirrel playing baseball.

(Jeremy decided one recent night in the bathtub that he is Maisy Mouse, Alex is Tallulah the Pigeon,

Mummy is Charlie the Crocodile, and Dada is Cyril the Squirrel.)

Mummy set up the Birthday Tea on the picnic table in the backyard…

Jeremy loves Mummy’s birthday cakes!

and he loves them even more after he has eaten a BIG piece!

Alex is always a happy little boy, but Birthday Cake makes him extra-happy!


At dinner time we headed for our most favorite place: the gondola station downtown.

We were on our way to have birthday dinner at the Sundeck on top of the mountain.

We got to drive the gondola..

At the Sundeck there was bluegrass music and yummy food.

After we ate Jeremy danced to the music. Two elderly ladies who were enjoying the music

applauded Jeremy’s dancing, and he gave them one of his special royal bows.


We played in the big sandbox at the top of the mountain and ran around in the long

mid-summer shadows. But some black clouds were moving in along Richmond Ridge.

There was a nearby crack of lightening, so Mummy & Dada decided we should head down

before they suspended operation of the Gondola.


Back down in town it began to rain through the sunshine, and the Skico shut down operations

until the storm blew through, so our timing was perfect. We sat out of the rain under the

overhang of the Gondola station and watched the empty cars returning to the base station. 

Then we climbed into our bike wagon and Mummy & Dada peddled us home through the rain

for bedtime.




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