Baseball Roadtrip to Denver

September 6-7, 2003



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 We ended the summer as it began: by taking the boys to a Rockies baseball game in Denver!

<Way back in April at the start of the summer, on the day before the boys were born, we went to see the Rockies play the Chicago Cubs.

Four months later we went back with the boys to see the Rockies play the Los Angeles Dodgers. What a difference four months can make!>

Jeremy: "Yo, Vendor! How about another round of milk over here?" Alex: "Isn't he taking too big a lead off of first base?"

Baseball games can

be very tiring>

everyone at Coors Field loved our rag dolls!

We spent the night at the same comfy hotel at which we had waited for the boys to arrive in April. Alex & Jeremy played on the couch on which we had sat four months ago when we were trying to imagine what our two little boys would be like>

Jeremy enjoys having the couch all to himself. "What channel is showing the highlights from the Rockies game?"

 Jeremy & Alex form the letter "L".  We don't know why. Alex, future movie star, upstages his co-star. "Look, Alex! A different kind of light fixture!!!"  (the boys LOVE light fixtures)

Fred Astaire

& Gene Kelly

Saturday morning when we drove over the Pass to Denver the snow level was around 14,000';

only the tops of Mount Elbert and La Plata had light dustings of snow.  Sunday evening, on the

drive home, the snow level was down below 12,000'. Over night autumn had turned into winter.

climbing up the Pass from the Leadville side The drive home over the Continental Divide on Independence Pass is always special, but this evening it was particularly amazing.

there was fresh snow on top of the Pass view from the top of the Pass, descending back down into the Roaring Fork valley

Alex & Jeremy want to know how many more days until opening day of the 2004 baseball season!





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