Mid-July visit to Corning

July 18-23, 2002



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  Is there anyplace more perfect than Corning in mid-summer?  We certainly don't think so.

  Back porch bliss. It is important to adopt the native costume when travelling. Strolling the wild streets of downtown Corning.

 Part of that perfection includes a visit to Mary Claire for a swim in Keuka Lake:


 One afternoon there was a wonderful party at 313 Wall Street where we got to spend time

 with some of Jack & Phyl's friends:



 We celebrated Scott's birthday...


 And toured Jack's masterpiece creation: the Houghton Library at the college:


 Of course there was putt-putt golf and batting at Harris Hill...



 To top off a perfect weekend, we stopped to visit Mark in Springwater.  We were on our way to the

 airport in Rochester, but luckily there was enough time to fire off a few rounds with the Spud Gun...


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