Chippy visits Aspen

in his canoe



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 One day a small chipmunk named Chippy decided to move to New York City to live with our friends

 Peter and Sue.  On his way to his new home, Chippy stopped off to visit with us in Aspen...


Chippy packed his canoe and headed for the airport in Tring, where he boarded an America West flight to Aspen...

  Upon his arrival, he quickly

  paddled out ahead of all of

  the other baggage...


Leaving the airport, Chippy paddled his way in to Scott

& Katherine's house in town.

Where he switched on the TV to watch the U.S. play in the World Cup...


Chippy saw a big map of the ski runs on Aspen Mountain, and decided to ride the Gondola up to the top of the big hill.



where he admired

the views...

had some very

nice grilled

tuna for lunch...

and explored

the ski runs

and lifts...


Back down in town

Chippy had a drink

at Little Annie's...

after which, only slightly intoxicated, he paid a surprise visit to Gilbert at the offices of Studio B Architects


Then he climbed

into a nice comfy

FedX box...

and was on

his way to

New York...

where Peter, Sue,

and Chippy lived

happily ever after!

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 updated 08/05/07